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Novita Healthcare Limited (ASX:NHL) is an Australian Medical Technology Company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Novita's core focus is the development of TALI Health and the TALI Technology.
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A New and Better Way

Newly seeks the best possible outcomes for people who need care or support services. That means connecting care and support professionals with providers, families and individuals quickly and efficiently, with the confidence of quality and consistency.

At the moment, Newly is only available to providers and carers, but soon, individuals and families will be able join the Newly community. With the choice of using an established care provider or directly hiring a care or support worker, they can take control of their care or support service. With our tested process, they will be able to very easily sign up to start looking for care and support professionals.

Detailed profiles will allow people to choose a care or support professional that has the experience, skills and language best for them. Newly quality assurance will provide additional peace of mind.

Demand for care is growing rapidly. Newly focuses on what matters most: enriching lives through quality care and support.

For Carers

Before, it was difficult and time consuming to find work for care and support professionals. Selling their skills and experience wasn’t enough to land a position amongst the thousands of aged care jobs being listed. Not anymore, as we find and alert them to the perfect support and carer jobs.

We can help carers capture the attention of listings and employers by becoming Newly Approved. They will feel confident in hiring them, knowing full well that their skills and competencies are of the highest standard possible.

Newly keeps carers updated on important industry news. They can receive tips and advice to improve their knowledge and skills, and help their profile win the attention of the best jobs for carers in Australia. Newly helps carers connect with other professionals just like them.

For Providers

Designed and tested with leading aged care and disability support providers, our trusted community saves time and money. Providers can choose from a large and growing community of care & support professionals, sourcing better employees and keeping them. Enjoy the confidence of a choice of quality assurance and supported on-boarding.

Each registrant completes a comprehensive profile. This allows providers or individuals and families to browse the Newly community using detailed search options, find and filter based on any number of attributes, and select a care or support professional with confidence.

Newly Screened provides all the benefits of Newly Online.  In addition, Newly Screened care and support professionals are phone interviewed to determine their communication skills and confirm the information contained in their profiles.

Our Newly Approved service is for providers who want the additional confidence that comes from choosing a person who has undergone intensive assessment to ensure that they are a care or support professional of the highest quality. Newly Approved care and support professionals have passed an assessment centre which includes:

  • Verification of certificates, police checks and identification
  • Language, literacy and numeracy tests
  • Psychometric evaluation (workplace personality inventory testing)
  • Group activity
  • Reference checks
  • One on one interview

Newly Approved candidates all have an ‘unconditional quality guarantee’, which means that if you are unsatisfied with them in the first month of employment, we will replace them at no cost.

For providers looking to fill larger volumes of vacancies or create new teams Newly provides employer tailored onboarding sessions. One or two day role specific training can be conducted further ensuring care or support professionals meet the specific requirements of an organisation. Newly Trained care and support professionals are ready to go straight into the induction process with the assurance that they understand the role, have the necessary competencies and are the correct fit for your organisational culture


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You can find more comprehensive information on the Newly solution from the Newly website.